Wow, Big Eruption at Turrilaba Volcano, Costa Ria

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10362749_746282922075635_5148950544876923973_o-700x52510405480_818048904883980_2399040578902196182_nTurrialba Volcano located 35 miles east of the capital city of San Jose Costa Rica unexpectantly  erupted Wednesday night Oct. 29, 2014 at 11:40 pm. spraying ash 30 miles away to the town of Heredia.  The eruption lasted 45 minutes and strong seismic activity was felt by the local people.   Scientist do not know if there will be another eruption.

The last big eruption of the Turrialba Volcano was in 1866.  And in the last 3,500 years it has had at least five big eruptions.

The area of Costa Rica is not a high tourist area.






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