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Costaricalearn :   “Costa Rica Learn Adventure Travel ” Vacation Planning to the beautiful Natural outdoor Adventures of Costa Rica. Let Ann design  the land portion  for your individualized vacation itinerary for that  special Costa Rica vacation, it’s easy and it will not cost you any extra money.  In fact you will save money and time.  Because Ann lives part of the year in  in Costa Rica, and has 12 years experience in the Costa Rica travel industry. she knows the distances, road  conditions,  driving time  to popular tourist destinations, therefore, saving you time .  She can set up car rentals and the car will be delivered to your hotel door on the day you arrive.  Or she can arrange private transportation .   She has personally visited the hotels and adventure tour operators  she  recommends.  Ann gets paid directly in commissions by the hotels and tours. (no extra cost to you-no hidden fees) ) OR you can pay her a fee for designing your Costa Rica Travel Adventure Vacation.  Typically for a 7 day individualized itinerary the fee is $125.00  Longer itineraries are more, and the price is  worked out between you and Ann.

  Just email Ann  anncreed23@gmail.com  Then you can sit back and relax while she designs your Ultimate Costa Rica Travel Adventure.   Together you create where you want to go in Costa Rica and what you want to see…and Ann will use her expertise to  arrange the perfect  hotels, adventure tours as well as  transportation within Costa Rica, all to fit your budget.. The end results will be a wonderful Costa Rica Travel Adventure Vacation Package.  (So-let Ann, “The Costa Rica Travel Expert” do the work)

Ann does not sell airline tickets.   Best to buy online.

ABOUT ANNAnn has been working in the Costa Rica Travel Industry as a Travel Agent specializing in individualized  Costa Rica travel adventure vacation itineraries  for  twelve years and  share her time between Costa Rica and a farm in southern Alabama. So she knows Costa Rica  like “the back of her hand” She has traveled to the most popular tourist destinations, from the mountains to the beaches.  So her advice is given from the  perspective of one who has visited or stayed in  the hotels and has done the adventure tours. She is familiar with the tour companies and transportation companies  which have proven track records.    By following her travel planning expertise, you will travel easier, smarter, and cheaper.