Costa Rica Spotlight: Tell Me The Most Interesting Place to Vacation in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Spotlight: Tell Me The Most Interesting Place to Vacation in Costa Rica

From the Costa Rica Spotlight Series:  I would have to first ask you, would you want to go to the beach?  Or would you like to go to a rain forest and the mountains?  If you say the mountains then I would tell you the following:

The most interesting place for a rain forest and mountain vacation is the area of the Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna.  The reason is that this area has a diverse eco system.  It has a rain forest with hundreds of beautiful tropical birds and a great variety of monkey and other wildlife.   And of course the biggest attraction is the Arenal Volcano itself which spews and spurts lava and hot rocks from its summit.   At night is looks like the 4th of July fireworks celebration.

What activities do you recommend?  Depends of course on what you like to do.  My favorite is the zip line over the rain forest canopy.  There are two companies in Arenal which do this.  1. Arenal Mundo Adventura Ecological Park  and   2. Sky Trek   Can’t really say one is better than the other.  I went  with  Arenal Mundo Adventura which had 11 platforms and was very high so I could clearly see the tops of the large trees.  Plus I saw a group of Toucans playing in the trees.

My next favorite is the hot spring.  I especially like the Tabacon Hot Springs because the water is just the right “hot” and cascades down so you can sit under it and let it roll over you.  The botanical gardens there are spectacular.   Also the spa is very very good.  The massage therapist are excellent and have extra training from Sweden.  There is another hot springs called eco thermales but I haven’t been there yet.

Of course hiking around the base of the volcano inside the Arenal  Volcano  National is a unique experience.  You can hear the volcano “breathing”  We saw an eyelash viper snake.  Very small and green in color.  Our guide told us not to dare get near it, it’s very poisionous.

You can choose from so many different activities.  Mountain biking, horseback riding,  ATVs,  river rafting,  river float,  birdwatching,  Day trip to Cano Negro Wildlife Reserve to see marine birds, crocodiles, monkeys, and much more.  There is a tour to a farm which uses only organic methods and you get to eat luch from all the different organic vegetables.

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