Costa Rica Received Champion of the Earth Award



Today the United Nations Climate Action Summit was held in New York City. Costa Rica received the 2019 “Champion of the Earth Award” for it’s leadership on policy related to combating climate change. The United Nations commended Costa Rica’s record to decarbonize it’s economy by creating renewable resources of energy and also massive efforts for it’s ongoing reforestation programs.  Notably, Costa Rica has 30% of it’s land surface protected from deforestation.

Costa Rica has invested large sums of money in wind power, geothermal power, and hydroelectric plants. One hundred per cent of the oil used by Costa Rican is imported. Therefore, Costa Rica is investing in technology to bring electric vehicles and trains which cost 28% less to operate with electricity than oil and no carbon footprints.

Also Costa Rica is investing in methods to reduce agrochemicals and adapt methods of organic farming.

Costa Rica’s young President Alvarado, is only forty six years of age. He is speaking today at the United Nations Summit on Climate Change in a message to the world.  In His Words: “Our wish is to set an example to inspire people of Costa Rica and the world to take their individual part in reducing carbon emissions to help save our planet.”

Costa Rica’s number one income is Eco Tourism.  Tourists from all over the world flock to Costa Rica to see the rainforest and the birds and animals which call these places their home. The natural beauty is abounding from the Atlantic and Pacific beaches to the Rainforests.

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