I am Ann provider of “Costa Rica Learn Adventure Travel.” which is  my company and I specializing in outdoor adventure vacation planning to Costa Rica . For the past twelve years I have lived and worked in all segments of Costa Rica tourism. I  spend part of the year  at my home in Alajuela, Costa Rica, keeping up with the latest trends in Costa Rica Tourism.

I love Costa Rica and it’s people They are courteous, helpful, and extremely friendly. There is no other country in Central American with the natural beauty and eco diversity to compare with Costa Rica. It’s ample sunshine, gorgeous beaches, mountains, rivers, and rainforests make it the perfect place for outdoor adventure vacations.

With my extensive experience and personalized service, I can help you choose the best eco lodges or botique hotels, as well as the best adventure tour operators.

I know the driving distances between the most popluar tourist destinations and also the weather patterns in each.

So no need for you to spend your valuable time surfing the internet only to be confused and frustrated.

I do not charge fees so there is no extra charge to you. I am paid by commissions from the hotels and tour operators. How do I work? After consulting with you, I book the hotels, transportation, and adventure tours. You pay them directly by credit card. and they provide you with vouchers. I stay with you each step of the way. Afterwards they pay me a commission. It’s simple and easy. This makes for a stress free Costa Rica vacation. Just relax and enjoy!

So let me design that special Costa Rica Vacation just for you!

You may contact Ann by email to get start your conversation with her for you and her together to design you perfect Costa Rica Vacation.  anncreed23@gmail.com