Manuel Antonio National Park Monkeys, Mangos, and Macaws

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 Manuel Antonio National Park Monkeys, Mangos, and Macaws
A vacation in Costa Rica is complete when you have visited the lowland rainforest national park named MANUEL ANTONIO National Park  Tucked in a rugged cranny midway down the Pacific coast,  this small park  offers natural diversity :  sand white beaches, a coral reef for snorklers,  and rainforest teeming with friendly white face monkeys greeting visitors with playful curiosity.  Colorful iguanas crossing your every path, and lazy sloths hanging from the limbs high above the rainforest canopy.  Flocks of marine bird  soar overhead in the early morning, and occasionally Scarlet macaws can be spotted.

Hiking trails throughout the park are well marked, upon entering you will receive maps with all the trails well laid out.  If you hike all the trails, its a great work out…around 2 hours-part flat and part up and down steep inclines…..the steepiest being Cathedral Point, which is a tough walk up.
Park is open all year, however it is closed on Mondays   hours are 7:30 am until 4:30 p.m.
Temperatures     warm around 80 degrees   most hotels have air conditioning
Rainy season May thru November   sunny mornings with rainy afternoons
Dry season December thru April..much less rain…much more sunshine
How to get there?  car from San Jose is around 5 hours   Public bus from San Jose is around 6-7 hours    Small planes are Sansa Air and Nature Air out of the San Jose international airport and the smaller airport near Pavas- Escazu     Greyline small buses run this route…check their web site for schedules and fares.  Also a small bus called Inter-bus.
Iguana Tours is a very good tour company which has been in Quepos-Manuel Antonio for many many years. The main office is located in Quepos, on the corner- as you turn right to go up and over the mountain to the National Park entrance.  They offer adventure outdoor day trips  such as horseback riding treks, ocean kayaking, white water river rafting,  jungle canopy tours, mangrove tours, rain forest treks, and many others.  You can find them on Google search engine.
So travel Costa Rica to wonderful Manuel Antonio National Park and have a great Costa Rica Vacation!



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