La Fortuna Waterfall-Arenal Volcano

Hello from Costa Rica Learn  Would you like to learn what it is like to hike down to the La Fortuna Waterfall, located at the base of the Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica On a warm sunny day in late November my best friend Anneta and I set out for a great adventure to La Fortuna […]

Five Reasons to choose Costa Rica for Vacation?

Hello from Costa Rica Learn.  Here are Five reasons to choose Costa Rica for Vacation.   1.  visit rainforest.  In Costa Rica there are two kinds of rainforest.  Primary Rainforest which are hundreds of years old and never have been cut. and then there is the secondary rainfrest which  have been cut at one time so […]

Vacation to the Tortuguero Canals Costa Rica

————————————————————————————————————– The Tortuguero Canals.  “An Unforgettable Introduction to Costa Rica” What can I say. Ann Cabezas Creed, our Vacation Planner, told us that the Mawamba Lodge – Tortuguero was the only way to start our vacation in Costa Rica and would be a trip to remember for life. She was totally correct but there was […]

Family Vacation Planner to Guanacaste Beaches

Nancy and her three grown up kids set out from Santa Barbara, California for a seven day adventure vacation to Costa Rica.  Nancy had rented a house for the five of them on Playa Portero in Guanacsate and rented a car to get around.  This beach is close to Playa Flamingo  (about forty five minutes north […]

What do Costa Ricans Do for New Years?

What do Costa Ricans  Do for New Years? For New Years many Costa Rica will go to the beaches.  They will gather their family together and head for their own personal beach houses or will rent a house on the beach.    On New Years Eve they will celebrate with lots of typical Costa Rican […]

Monteverde A Land of Cloud Forest and Quakers

Monteverde A Land of Cloud Forest and Quakers VACATION IN RURAL COSTA RICA Monteverde lies high in the mountains of central Costa Rica, seven thousand feet above sea level. Clouds seem to shroud the cool environment , and mist floats across the horizon. The road to get there, well-if you can call it a road…..The […]

Vacation Planning to Costa Rica Visit Wildlife Reserves

Vacation Planning to Costa Rica Visit Wildlife Reserves Are you planning a vacation to Costa Rica?  The many wildlife refuges are wonderful places to visit if you want to view birds, monkeys, crocodiles, turtles, lizards, rainforest,  frogs, snakes, iguanas, sloths, and much more. North central Costa Rica, close to  Nicaragua’s  border   Cano Negro National Wildlife […]

“Pura Vida” Costa Rica’s Motto

“Pura Vida’ Costa Rica’s Motto What does this mean-can you explain it to me?  Translated into the English language it means “pure life”.  Costa Rican’s put a big emphasis on pure living.  I will give you some examples of what they “consider pure living”.  They Balance work and recreation.  Costa Rica has 11 national holidays […]

Costa Rica’s Amazing National Parks

Costa Rica has set one fourth of it’s land aside in national parks, reserves, and refuges to protect these valuable natural resources from  potential exploitation and ravages. This is   more than any other country in the world. For such a small country,  Costa Rica is home to five percent of all the plant and […]

Costa Ricans Love Liberty,Peace, and Independance

Costa Ricans Love Liberty,Peace, and Independance Why do Costa Ricans love liberty, peace , and personal independence? Christopher Columbus arrived on the Atlantic Coast of Costa in 1502 at the present  town of Limon.  He found very little gold in this small mountainous country.   Therefore, few people from Spain came to settle here. By […]