Vacation Planning to Costa Rica Visit Wildlife Reserves

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Vacation Planning to Costa Rica Visit Wildlife Reserves

Are you planning a vacation to Costa Rica The many wildlife refuges are wonderful places to visit if you want to view birds, monkeys, crocodiles, turtles, lizards, rainforest,  frogs, snakes, iguanas, sloths, and much more.

North central Costa Rica, close to  Nicaragua’s  border   Cano Negro National Wildlife Reserve.  Twenty four thousand acres have been set aside by the Costa Rican government and is composed of swamps and marshlands. This is home to hundreds of migrating birds.  You can see these birds at the end of the rainy season when the marshes are filled with rain water.  (December through middle March)  The rainy season April through mid November, you will see less birds, because these birds have not yet migrated to this area of Costa Rica for feeding.   The heavy rain  during the rainy season forms Lake Cano Negro where most of these birds congregate to feed.   You can see roseate spoonbills, white ibis, and the jabiru (the largest bird of this region)  and many more.

Contact Ann, the Costa Rica Expert to plan your vacation to Costa Rica.  She can arrange for you to take a tour of this wildlife reserve or one of the many Wildlife reserves located around this small tropical country with abundance of natural beauty.

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