Poas Volcano in the Central Valley Costa Rica- Big Tourist Attraction

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Poas Volcano in the Central Valley Costa Rica Big Tourist Attraction

The Poas Volcano is putting on a show.  Here are some photos of it’s recent activity.  This activity is not severe enough to cause any harm to tourist who come to view the beautiful geyser.Poas Volcano in the Central Valley Costa Rica Big Tourist Attraction.

If you are vacationing in Costa Rica and want a wonderful day outing in the central valley, then take a tour to the Poas Volcano National Park.  It is only thirty five minutes from Alajuela.  The walk from your vehicle to the crater is around 10 minutes and the eco system is gorgeous with dozens of huge “poor man umbrella” plants along your path.  There are two hiking trails within the park.  One takes forty five minutes  and leads you up to the  picturesque old crater lake.  The other path gives you a brisk hike through a dense rainforest and this one takes thirty minutes.  Be sure to stop at the  park coffee shop for a delicious cup of Costa Rican coffee.  Also there is a small natural history museum of the volcano and its surroundings.

On the way back down from the National park stop at one of several “Tico” Restaurants  for a delicious typical Costa Rican lunch .  My favorite is Freda Fressa-a family owned small restaurant which serves very typical food such as rice and black beans with grilled chicken, fried plantains, tortillas, and cabbage slaw.  Natural fruit drinks are also their specialty.  My favorite is Papaya in milk made into a smoothie.

If you would like to arrange a day outing to the Poas Volcano National Park, contact Ann, The Costa Rica Expert.   www.costaricalearn.com






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