Long Life In Costa Rican’s Blue Zone

What is a Blue Zone?  This term describes places in the world where large numbers of residents experience a long life, many times 100 years or older.  There are very few Blue Zones in the world and Costa Rica has one of these Blue Zones.  It is located in the Nicoya Peninsula-Costa Rica’s western Province […]

Costa Rica’s Northern Zone

Costa Rica’s northern zone has a bright future for eco tourism.  This photo  of the large tree (below) was taken in Rincon de la Vieja  National Park where one can see the true primary rainforest.  The trees have buttresses up to three meters in diameter. The sunlight almost never reaches the rainforest floor because of the […]

Costa Rica’s Northern Zone, Tourism Meca

The northern zone of Costa Rica is in the beginning phase of expanding massive ecotourism.  There are so many natural wonders in this area and it is not crowded and over run with tourist.  Now,  most everything is still in it’s natural state. Best  tours in the northern zone of Costa Rica.  ONE-The amazing Blue […]

Reasons Costa Ricans Are Happiest People in World

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America with three million citizens. They have posters in the San Jose international Airport stating Costa Ricans are the happiest people in the world. Having lived in Costa Rica, being married to a Costa Rican, I can testify, in my opinion, why this is true. Costa Ricans […]

How to Plan Costa Rica Vacation

How to plan your Costa Rica Vacation.         Contact Ann, the Costa Rica Vacation Planning Expert.  Fourteen years experience in designing individualized  Costa Rica Vacations.  Guaranteed to save you time and money.   Visit the most exciting destinations, and experience the very best outdoor adventure activities.  Let Ann do the work for […]

Poas Volcano National Park, Costa Rica

Poas Volcano National Park is located 35 minutes by car north of the city of Alajuela-in the central valley of Costa Rica.  It is most visited national park in Costa Rica due to its location….close to the airport and Alajuela. However: at this moment July 18, 2017, this national park is closed indefinitely due to […]

How to Create a Blue River Adventure

A wonderful day  at the Blue River!   Costa Rica’s Unique Blue River is located at the base of the Tenorio Volcano in north central Costa Rica.  Blue because of a specific mineral in the water, when the sun shines thru the water it appears blue.  The brighter the sunlight the bluer the water. Tourist hike […]

Why Visit Arenal Volcano National Arenal Park.

It’s a bright sunny day in April and my best friend Paulette and I set out in our small SUV Suzuki to explore around the mighty Arenal Volcano. I remember as a young bride, many many years ago-coming here with my new Costa Rican husband . I could not believe my eyes! This giant creature […]

Wonderful Day Along the Blue River Costa Rica

My Costa Rica Journey A series by Ann: connecting people to people and people to places in Costa Rica . The Blue River originates at the base of the Tenorio Volcano in north central Costa Rica.  My daughter Xinia, photo below, her husband Rolando, and I had come from Alajuela to spend two days looking to purchase […]

wildlife in costa rica

Costa Rica: Wonderful Wildlife