Freddo Fresas Restaurant Poasita, Costa Rica


My best friend Janne and I were wandering the hills of  Fraijanes, Costa Rica on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  We were looking for a Real Costa Rican restaurant to have lunch.  Actually we were thinking of spending the afternoon at   However,  on the way up the mountain we spotted the cutest little restaurant called Freddo Fresas located in Poasita, Costa Rica.  We discovered that it was built by the family who owns and operates the restaurant ..The father and the son are both named Freddo.  They cut the wood from their farm and with several other family members built a small restaurant. It is well located on the road to the Poas Volcano National Park and the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, approximately 20 minutes from Alajuela.   Business immediately became brisk and Freddo enlarged the kitchen, put in the   oven to bake bread, and added another fifty seats.

The menu is simple Costa Rica cooking over a wood stove.  Ms. Freddo is the head cook, and a  very good cook indeed!  Specialty of the House is the Costa Rican  Casada.  This a large plate with rice, black beans, fried plantains, cabbage salad, a meat of your choice,  picadillo of potatoes or chayotes,  and best of all home made tortillas. Price with natural drink of fresh pineapple, lemon, and papaya is around $12. This includes the 13% gov tax and 10% tip.  Service is excellent.  The all male waiter team is trained to please.  Freddo also serves a hearty breakfast many many choices such as spicy egg omelet with home bread or home made tortilla, Mama’s special pancake breakfast, and of course the best Costa Rican coffee you have ever drank served in a large mug with Freddo’s picture on it.  The mug is a gift to take home with you so you will always have fond memories of Freddo’s.


This is a photo of Freddo Fresas.  The building is all natural wood with a red tin roof.  You won’t miss it. And you will be very happy that you did not miss it.

Freddo;s Fresas   (in English this means Freddo’s Strawberries) because of the many strawberries grown in this region. Freddo’s is open daily 7.30 – 5.30 pm serving breakfast and lunch.

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