Long Life In Costa Rican’s Blue Zone

What is a Blue Zone?  This term describes places in the world where large numbers of residents experience a long life, many times 100 years or older.  There are very few Blue Zones in the world and Costa Rica has one of these Blue Zones.  It is located in the Nicoya Peninsula-Costa Rica’s western Province of Guanacaste. These elderly people live near the small towns of Santa Cruz, Hojancha, Carillo, Nicoya, and Nandayure.

Where are the other Blue Zones in the World located?  These zones are located in Okinawa, Japan, Sardinia, Italy, and in the US Loma Linda, California. Here lives a congregation of Seven Day Adventist.  Their average life span is 89 years.

This past November, 2017,  Costa Rica hosted the World Meeting of people living in these Blue Zones. People gathered to share their stories, eat, dance, and ride horses.  The special guest speaker was Dan Buettner. Dan is author of the following books which can be ordered on Amazon.com   “Blue Zone Solution, Eating and Living Like the Worlds Healthiest People”   And “Thrive, Finding Happiness the Blue Zone Way”

After many years of studying these Blue Zones and it’s people Mr. Buettner discovered many of their secrets of long and happy life. He mentions these in his books:

Eating Habits:  90% plants  5% meat.  Daily diet to consist of the following: fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. These should vary in color. Beans and  2 serving whole grains,-limit eggs to 3 per week using free range eggs, eat handfull nuts per day,  use whole grains to make bread, limit liquor intake,  limit cow milk, eat only one cube size cheese daily,  6 glasses pure filtered water per day.

Do Not: smoke cigarettes, drink diet sodas, avoid processed foods, limit intake of canned foods because of the preservatives,  may drink coffee and tea without white sugar added.

Social Structure STRONG:   Family units keep intact.  No divorces.  Kids stay close to home-grow up and become productive citizens of their community.  Grandchildren are near by- Grandmothers and Grandfathers are respected and their wisdom is shared.  Clean living means no opium intake, no cigarettes, limit intake alcoholic beverages. They are  Pacifist-do not believe in becoming involved in a war that has nothing to do with their community.  Family members take care of each other.  Older ones take care of younger ones.

Faith:  Daily prayer to one God.  Weekly gathering of the community in the house of worship. Help one another, respect your neighbor.

Work Ethic:  Daily work for all ages.  This teaches responsibility. Set aside time to play. However, little or no television, smart phones, nor i pads.  These are too expensive and distract from family life and work ethic.

Money is important to buy the basic needs of everyday life. Be frugal with money.  Money should not be worshiped.

Laugh a lot, Smile a lot, and Sing a lot and say I Love You

Share the lives of the Blue Zone People in Nicoya, Costa Rica:    Go to youtube.com

Type in Blue Zones Costa Rica

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