Costa Rica’s Northern Zone, Tourism Meca

The northern zone of Costa Rica is in the beginning phase of expanding massive ecotourism.  There are so many natural wonders in this area and it is not crowded and over run with tourist.  Now,  most everything is still in it’s natural state.

Best  tours in the northern zone of Costa Rica.  ONE-The amazing Blue River. Hike the trails along this gorgeous river and experience a 12 foot drop waterfall where you can swim in the pool.

TWO, Rincon de la Vieja Volcano and National Park. Spectacular gurgling hot pools of quick sand, small geysers spewing sulfa into the air, old growth primary rainforest, many species tropical birds.

Three- Cano Negro Wildlife Reserve: Dozens of species of large colorful birds migrating from  as far north as the Arctic Circle to as far south as Patagonia.  These birds stop to feed in the mangrove swamps  before continuing their journey south.  Best months to see these birds- mid November to late February. The tour is by a small canopy covered boat.  Also one can see white face moneys,  howler monkeys, crocodiles, small turtles, lizards, including the Jesus Christ lizard which walk on water.  And if lucky a sloth.  Contact Ann to book this tour

Four- Chorotega indiginous Tribe.  The small village of Guatuso in the norther region , one hour north of Arenal Volcano, is the home to the remaining Chorotega tribe of indigenous people of Costa Rica.  You can see their ceremonial dance and hear their native language at Mundo World Adventures, Arenal area of Costa Rica. Also view and purchase  their beautiful art work on display.

Below is a photo of the beatify Blue River Waterfall.  For more information on this norther region of Costa Rica and to book tours to this area:  contact

What can Ann, the Costa Rica Expert do for you?  She  specializes in family vacation packages She can  create an individualized vacation itinerary just for you.    Read testimonials from her recent family vacation client.

Dear Ann and Xinia,  From Suzy and her family of 3 persons. We want to thank you for all you did to help us to have the best vacation of our lives….and we have had some great vacations.  This one topped them all. Xinia was wonderful.  (Xinia is Ann’s assistant in Costa Rica)  I felt so much more at ease when we arrived knowing someone was looking after us.  Her meals were terrific and accommodations very good.  Arenal was amazing. We had an incredible view of  Lake Arenal and loved the feeling of being in such a natural setting.  White water rafting on the Balsa River was TERRIFIC…zip line was beyond words and Canyon Rappelling was a blast!

Accommodations in Tamarindo were very nice as well. We woke at 5 am for my son to meet his surfing coach by 6 am. The coach was from Banana Surf Club. We went to a beach with challenging waves but not overwhelming.   We kayaked, snorkeled, and dined watching the sunset.  We relaxed by the pool and enjoyed the hospitality of the local people.

We could not have asked for a more perfect trip.  And Ann I will give your email to anyone I know wanting to vacation in Costa Rica. I am so grateful that the internet allowed our paths to cross.

We are organizing our pictures and if you would like any for your website, I will be happy to send you a link to the photos.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…           Suzy    contact Ann


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