Why I Love Costa Rica by Ann Cabezas

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Costa Rica is a small country in Central America about the size of the state of Virginia in the USA. People ask me. “Why do you love Costa Rica?”  I replied.  Why I love Costa Rica?  There are many reasons.  To begin my story: In a rural Georgia town in the deep south, I met my husband Rod.  We fell in love, and stayed together for the next 34 years. We first located to Atlanta, Georgia where he practiced Thoracic Surgery at St Joseph’s Emory Hospital,  and I was the office manger and RN in his office.  We had 2 beautiful children who are now adults with their own families. During the last years in Atlanta, I worked two days a week in a Travel Agency in our neighborhood.  There my desire was born to create an online  Travel Agency with google’s help  sell Vacation Itineraries to Costa Rica.   While in Atlanta, my husband and I escorted several doctors groups to Costa Rica. We put them on a one hundred passenger small ship which cruised from Puntarenas on the mid-western Pacific to the Osa Peninsula in the deep southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica.  We experienced so many wonderful adventures!  Sadly, today, this small ship is no longer in operation.

After retiring to Costa Rica , my husband was one of a small  group of professionals to form a third political  party in Costa Rica called Citizens For Action or PAC. He threw himself wholeheartedly into this cause. The party was slow to grow however; in 2014,  the presidential candidate (Mr. Solis) won the election. My husband was offered the post of second vice president, but for reasons I will never understand, he declined. As time passed and my husband spent less and less time at home and more time with the PAC,  I knew it was time for me to take my wings. I started the on line website costaricalearn.com and also the website costaricalearntravel.com   This has been my love and I have sent dozens of families to Costa Rica on vacation with my customized itineraries.

In my last years of marriage, I lived six years in Costa Rica.  I was fortunate to get to know these people and a lot about the culture. They are warm, friendly, and helpful people.  I studied  Spanish to be able to converse in their native language.  I loved the weather with soft afternoon rains and sunny mornings. My favorite escape was to Arenal where I always went to Tabacon Hot Springs and got a deep tissue massage.  Simply glorious!  Soon Costa Rica was growing on me. My Costa Rican friends said, “Ann you are beginning to act like a Tica.”  Tica is short for Costa Rican woman.  I have been very lucky.  I have traveled most of the hot tourist destinations in Costa Rica and enjoyed each and every one of them.  Arenal, Tortuguero, Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo, and the remote Osa Peninsula are among the many places.

Although I am an American, I will always claim Costa Rica as my home. My beloved “adopted” daughter and her two children and husband are a big part of my family. I now know why Costa Ricans are called “the happiest people in the world.”

Ann would like to help you design your vacation to Costa Rica.  Go to Ann’s website to learn more about how this is done.       https//:costaricalearntravel.com


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