Arenal Observatory Lodge in Costa Rica

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Ron and his wife Maria spent three weeks vacationing in Costa Rica April 2015.

Ann designed their itinerary which included the north central zone of Costa Rica.

ARENAL VOLCANO – A breathtaking experience by Ron and Maria Poggemoeller.
The country of Costa Rica is about the size in area of West Virginia and has over 200 volcanic centers that have been recognized. About 20 of these are considered active but only 5 have eruptive activity in the past 400 years. The Arenal Volcano is the most active and erupted on July 29, 1968 killing some 87 people. Smaller explosions have occurred over the years until the last in 2010.
The Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa was built high on a ridge only 1.7 miles from the volcano. The Lodge is very well done and can be considered, in our opinion, a first class hotel. The rooms are very nicely done and  gives an uninterrupted view of the Volcano. There is a large bar and restaurant with exceptional food of all kinds including typical Costa Rican. You will find people from all over the world visiting and enjoying the lodge. Just outside the restaurant is a large observation deck for viewing the volcano and Arenal Lake below it. A bird feeding station between the lodge and volcano is refreshed with fruit and other condiment’s that the large and small birds feed every day.
There are many walking trails around the lodge with one that continues 600 meters to a beautiful waterfall with three falls. It’s something to enjoy while you are these including a swimming pool and spa.
The only negative about the lodge is the road from La Fortuna. We rented a car in Costa Rica to go to many of the attractions but the road is one continuous “pot hole” and will jar your teeth from beginning to end. We found a lot of these kinds of roads in Costa Rica but dealing with them was the price for so much beauty around you.
The Arenal Volcano Observatory Lodge is far and above any of the other eco lodges in the area. A must in your visit to Costa Rica.

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