Arenal has Three Different Zip Line Tours

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Arenal has Three Different Zip Line Tours

All the tourist who visit Arenal in Costa Rica want to do a zip line tour.  So which one should they choose?  I will compare the three options.

There are three different choices for a zip line tour in Arenal.

First there is the Sky Tram Sky Trek.  You first get into a glass gondola which takes you up on the top of a very tall mountain and along the way you see the rainforest canopy and  often you can see a family of howler monkeys.  At the top the view of Lake Arenal and Arenal Volcano is spectacular!  There is a hike thru the rainforest and afterwards- if you like you can ride the gondola back down.  Or- you can take the adrenalin pumping zip line back down.  The cables are very long and you get an excellent view of the rainforest canopy. You can combine this one with the Sky Walk which consists of a series of suspended bridges over the top of the rainforest.  This offers beautiful scenery and a great work out!

Just the zip line is 1/2 day tour-combining the Sky Walk makes in a full day.  Children have to be age 8 or older to do the zip line tour.


Second, is the Arenal Mundo Adventura.  This one requires that you hike up hill for quite a distance to get to the first if you are not in really good shape you might want to choose the First option (Sky Tram Sky Trek)  This zip line is also very long lines with great views of the tropical rainforest.

After the zip line you can choose to visit an indigenous Maleku Village.  This is staged by the Maleku Indigenous people in full naive costume.  They perform their native dances and sing in their native language.  You can also buy their art here which is very colorful and beautiful.  Example of their art click here.

The Third zip line tour in Arenal is the Vista Arenal Canopy tour.  This one will accept children starting at age 6 years.  It has twelve cables and offers spectacular views of the Arenal Volcano and the surrounding rainforests.  You can combine this one with Lost Canyon canyoneering and Rappelling to make an adventure filled day tour.

To find out more about these zip line tours in Arenal contact Ann, “the Costa Rica Expert .  She can design your perfect Costa Rica Vacation.  email her at and get started today!

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