What’s So Hot About Costa Rica Coffee?

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IMG_3220What’s so hot About Costa Rica Coffee?  Those who love coffee swear that it’s impossible to start the day without their favorite ground bean, full bodied-aromatic Costa Rican coffee.  This verdant country is currently the top destination for savvy eco tourists, and is one of the planets most famed coffee producing countries.  Among others  are Columbia, Honduras, Guatemala , and Jamaica.


There are five reasons for the sweet flavor and fruity aromas of Costa Rica coffee.


Costa Rica has warm tropical weather with just the right combination of sunshine and rain.  The higher elevations on the slopes of the volcanoes provide the ideal cool and humid climate.

THE SOIL:  The rich volcanic soil is a major factor in the quality of the coffee bean.  Also small trees provide shade to enhance the sweetness of the  bean.

THE BEAN:  The beans used for cultivation are Arabica, well known for their rich flavor.  This species of coffee is indigenous to the  southwestern highlands of Ethiopia.  The earliest evidence of coffee cultivation appears in the middle of the 15th century, in Sufi Muslim monasteries around Mocha in Yemen.

HISTORY: According to legend, human cultivation of coffee began in Ethiopia after goats were seen mounting each other after eating the leaves and fruits of the coffee plants. Herbal tea made from coffee leaves remains popular among the Ethiopian people.

PASSIONATE FARMING:  Costa Rican coffee growers take great pride in producing some of the best coffee in the world. The mills have strict standards in the  processing and milling.  The beans are picked by hand.

ORGANIC COFFEE PRODUCTION IN COSTA RICA:  Star Bucks produces  organic coffee in Costa Rica.

WHAT ABOUT  OTHER COFFEE PRODUCING COUNTRIES:  Jamaica’s Blue Mountain brand, known for it’s mellow smooth flavor,  is famous all over the world.  The name “Blue Mountain” is registered and protected by the country of Jamaica.  Most of the Blue Mountain coffee is exported from Jamaica to Japan, along with the Tia Maria, Jamaica’s famous coffee liqueur.

COFFEE TOURS IN COSTA RICA:  Learn about production, processing, and marketing.  The central valley offers the most popular coffee tour- Doka Four Generations.  This is a two hour tour which is easily combined with the Poas Volcano National Park Tour.  Contact Ann, The Costa Rica Expert to set up the tour.   Please visit Ann’s web site to learn all about her personalized vacation planning to Costa Rica www.costaricalearn.com 

I would like to thank Anne Foy, a freelance writer for “What’s So Hot About Costa Rica Coffee”



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