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Are you seeking expert help and personal attention to  Design your Costa Rica Vacation?  Are you tired of surfing the internet for hotels and tour agencies and simply getting confused?

You are thinking.  Should I rent a vehicle and what type?  What are the roads like?  Are things easy to locate?  What is the weather like? Which accommodations are best for me?  How do I choose best destinations for outdoor adventure activities?   How much does it cost?  I just don’t think I can do this alone!

You have come to the right place!  costaricalearn.com is owned by Ann Cabezas.

Why choose Ann to Help design your Costa Rica Vacation Itinerary?

Ann has 12 years experience designing outdoor adventure vacations to Costa Rica. Read the testimonials.  Ann has lived many years in Costa Rica, living among the Costa Ricans.  Ann speaks Spanish and is very familiar with the culture.  She has visited all the popular tourist destinations, and has experienced the outdoor adventure activities she recommends.  The Results is a much more relaxed and worry free vacation. Ann guarantees it!  You won’t waste time and you will even save money.

About Ann  Ann is a travel writer and experienced vacation  planner for Costa Rica.  She  resides 3,000 feet above sea level on a beautiful mountainside on the road to the Poas Volcano National Park, only four miles outside the town of Alajuela (home to San Jose International Airport.

Problems to Solve during the Vacation Planning where Ann can help you.  TRANSPORTATION: A map of Costa Rica gives the impression that driving times are short.  But this is not true. Costa Rica is a mountainous country and many of the roads are narrow and winding.  This is an aspect of your vacation where Ann can be very helpful.

Time Management- Hotel choices and outdoor adventure activities are the hardest part of planning a vacation to Costa Rica.  Ann can match you with what fits your taste and budget.  Ann will piece the segments of you vacation together like a puzzle. This will save you hours of trying to piece it all together yourself.

How Do I Pay? It is easy. You pay with your credit card to each hotel and adventure travel company by secure credit card information forms via email. (Ann will tell you how to do this) Then: you receive a Paid voucher for each segment to take with you to Costa Rica.  Ann provides in writing the cancellation policy.

FINALLY:  You Receive from Ann a day by day itinerary for your vacation with hotels, transfers, and outdoor adventure activities. You are provided by Ann with Paid Vouchers (each numbered)  for each segment of your itinerary. Take these vouchers with  you to Costa Rica.  Phone numbers and cancel policies are  also included.  Ann will patiently answer all your questions until your vacation is completed and you return home.

HOW IS ANN PAID? BY commission from each tour operator and hotel.  No mark ups and no hidden fees.

Testimonials:  Go back to home page and look at the top at the menu.  There you will see testimonials. Click and you will see what Ann’s satisfied clients have to say.

Contact Ann and lets get started!

You may contact Ann at anncreed23@gmail.com



Contact me anncreed23@gmail.com "The Costa Rica Expert" I will customize the itinerary for your Costa Rica Vacation to fit your time frame and your budget. Best jungle eco lodges, best outdoor adventure activities. So lets get started!

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