What is a Horse “Tope” ?

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What is a Horse Tope ?

A horse tope is a traditional parade of horses which is very popular in Costa Rica.  Both the horses and the riders dress up in their finest for this big event.   Many of the saddles are trimmed in real silver.  The horses prance and dance much to their owners delight.   It is in a sense a competition to see whose horse can prance and perform the best.

December is a great month to attend a horse tope.  Many of the small town host their own and San Jose has a very large one usually on December 26th.

Many of the horses are of Andalusian (Spanish) breed and are gorgeous animals.  Alajuela hosts a large tope usually on March 1st every year.

Here is a website that tells when many of the topes are held and the location and times.http://www.detope.com/index.php?option=com_eventlist&view=eventlist&Itemid=48

Click here to see a Horse Tope

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