We Dream about Retiring in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

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imagesWe Dream about Retiring in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica is a small village on the Atlantic Ocean-southern Caribbean area of Costa Rica.  Tropically beautiful with dense forests and coconut palms lining the sandy white beaches.  Blue water with large strong waves draws tourist to surf, snorkel, and scuba dive.

Hobie Manley of Kiawa Island, South Carolina writes:

My wife and I vacationed to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica last year and have booked two more weeks over New Years 2015. We loved the area and dream of retiring there.  Can you tell me about the cost of living.  We hear it is now expensive.


RESPONSE FROM ANN–  Hello, Hobie,  I know the area well –Puerto Viejo and Cocles Beach.

THAT AREA OF COSTA RICA  is very beautiful-wild and tropical—- and very much off the beaten path.
It receives around 300 inches of rain per year  (a very rainy place!)

It is very different from other areas of Costa Rica.  The population is mostly Afro American, immigrating  there from Jamaica.

The music and food reflects this colorful  and diverse culture.

If you were to live there year round you would want to consider:

It is  remote and not easy to get to—4 hours by car  from the international airport and the capital city area.  Although you can fly from San Jose to Limon is 30 minutes.
What is costly in C Rica compared to US ?

Automobiles–approx 40 to 100 per cent  more expensive than here in US.  Repairs for autos–very expensive–all the parts are imported and mechanics charge the same and sometimes more than here.
Obtaining a permanent resident card is expensive around $3,000 per person with a lawyer and you cant do it without a lawyer.

Food– around same price as Atlanta, Ga.
Housing–very expensive!!   land is extremely expensive  (depending on the location)   rents are also high.  Similar to prices in Atlanta, Ga.
If you have a house in CR you have to have someone live in it —-if you are not there all the time–thieves break in and take ALL that you own.

Electricity-  around 20% higher than most areas of USA.  In Puerto Viejo you will need air condition which is very expensive.
Kiawa Island is a very beautiful place to live….so in my opinion changing that for Puerto Viejo Costa Rica would be lowering your standard of living.

So go to Costa Rica  on vacation and enjoy yourself for 2 weeks…………

After living there full time for 5 years I missed the diversity of what we have here in US.  So I choose to have my permanent residency here and visit C Rica once a year.

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