US Students “Study Abroad” in Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica


US Students “Study Abroad” in Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

Students from Lidenwood Univeristy USA have come to Costa Rica to study the flora and fauna of this beautiful tropical country, and to practice the Spanish language.

The following is an article which I would like to share with you.  It was forwarded to me by Ms. Murrell, a student at the University,  telling about their fun experience

Costa Rica welcomes students over J-Term

Posted on 09 February 2011 by wmurrell

Costa Rica

COSTA RICA – “Pura vida!” Everything is all good! That’s a phrase that started 2011 off right for some Lindenwood scholars. Eighteen Lindenwood students joined Professor Nancy Cloutier-Davis on Jan. 12 for a two-week excursion to Costa Rica.

The first four days, the group visited the town of Puerto Viejo and the Bribri tribe indigenous territory, learned to make Afro Caribbean meals, toured the Refuge Vida Silvestre Gandoca Manzillo and the Chauita National Park. Senior Jasmun Moorehead, an exercise science major, said, “I really enjoyed meeting indigenous people and seeing how they live differently from the people in Heredia [where the group eventually settled for studies].”

Students observed many different animals, places and people while hiking for several hours and even walking through a raging river. The students felt that it was worth it, though, when they reached the beautiful waterfall at the end of the hike.

Costa Rica

After touring the southwestern part of Costa Rica, the students traveled to Heredia to go to school and visit more historical sites. They explored the Poas Volcano National Park, the La Paz Cataratas Waterfall Gardens and a coffee plantation. Students focused on Costa Rican culture and values and its differences from American society.

Senior Arista White said, “I learned about life outside of the U.S. — about other aspects of the country, such as the agriculture, economy and the people.”

Six of the 18 students and Cloutier-Davis returned to Lindenwood by the end of J-Term, and 12 stayed to participate in the semester abroad program. Those students will go to school five days of the week and live with a Costa Rican family.

Later in the semester the students will have classes in Samara, visit Nicaragua and other historical places during their 15 weeks in the program.

Costa Rcia

Sophomore and Spanish major Dana Porter said, “I love everything about Costa Rica. I don’t want to go home. I am happy I am able to stay here for 15 weeks, and I recommend this trip to everyone. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—trust me it is worth it.”

For more information about the Study Abroad Spanish Program, contact Cloutier-Davis at

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