Aviaro del Caribe Sloth Refuge Limon Costa Rica

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 Aviaro del Caribe Sloth Refuge Limon Costa Rica
Travel Costa Rica to  the sloth refuge named Aviaros del Caribe sloth refuge . Go 30 miles south of Limon, Costa Rica.  It is easy to see the route on a Costa Rican map. It’s the only main road going south as you leave Limon . You will see the sign on the left side of the road. Aviaros del Caribe…before you get to the little town of Chauita.

The refuge is the dedication of Judy Arroyo.  Originally from Alaska, her daughter and three grandsons, and also Judy’s Costa Rican husband.

The star of the refuge is Buttercup , age 6 years, who was rescued after being hit by a car as she tried to cross a busy highway. Judy nursed her back to health, and Buttercup became a part of the family.

That was the beginning and soon other injured or sick sloths were delivered to Judy’s doorsteps, where they are nurished back to health and released into the wild.

Visitiors can see the baby sloths being feed by volunteers, usually young university students here for three months. Also, a short very interesting film is shown about the life cycle of the sloth

Judy has 4 guest rooms. You can stay the night in air conditioned room with 2 double beds and excellent Costa Rican breakfast with fresh tropical fruits, eggs, tortillas, or toast, and of course Costa Rican coffee–all for $100.00 (double occupancy) Oh yes, this includes the tour of the sloth refuge. You can stop by just for the tour. There is a modest fee, around $14 per person.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about this reclusive creature.

By the way, Limon and the surrounding area is home to hundreds of sloths. These small fuzzy pale brown animals are hard to see in the canopy of the rainforest, they move slowly and come down to the ground only when they need to releive themselves.

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To find it on the web .. Aviaros del Caribe on google search or sloth refuge costa rica

climate- hot
accomodations- comfortable
price- reasonable Our double room with air conditioning  was $100-includes full Costa Rican breakfast and tour of the Sloth refuge.   Just the refuge tour  is approx $14 per person.

notes–bring mosquitoe repellent and dress cool   and bring your camera!

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