Costa Rica Spotlight: Mawamba Lodge Caribbean Tortuguero Canals- Limon Costa Rica

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 Costa Rica Spotlight: Mawamba Lodge Caribbean Tortuguero Canals- Limon Costa Rica
This is a continuation of my series about travel Costa Rica,  and the adventure we encounter here. Couldn’t wait to write about this wonderful place called Mawamba Lodge located on the Caribbean Sea, bordered by a lowland tropical rainforest and beautiful  beige sandy beaches. (it’s located  just north of the town of Limon).   My husband Ken and I spent three days at this unique jungle retreat. The center piece is of course are the Tortuguero  canals which run parallel to the Sea, then jut out and carve into the jungle where you see white face and howler monkeys, crocodiles, Jesus Christ lizards, green parrots, toucans, eagles, and many more species of birds. The jungle canopy of huge age old trees grow right down to and hang over the waters edge. A sight never to be forgotten is the bright soft filtered sunlight beaming through the trees, creating a mirror image onto the clear waters of the canals.

Our local guide was excellent, taking us to the little hamlet of Tortuguero where we visited a small one room school house where we were greeted with smiles and hellos (in English) by the children. They were neatly dressed in uniform.. blue trousers and skirts, crisp white blouses, and black shoes. The teacher, a young attractive Costa Rica Rican woman welcomed us and explained in English her method of teaching. No textbooks exist here. The children copy from the blackboard into their notebooks, which then become the textbook.
The people who reside here make their living in fishing and tourism. They live in modest houses built up over the water on a series of wooden stilks, because of the heavy year round rainfall. Transportation around here is only by small boats, and one can sit by the waters edge for hours just watching these colorful parade of boats going up and down the canals
Mawamba Tour company owns and operates the lodge, and I highly recommend it for it’s first class service, gourmet Costa Rican food, and genuine hospitality in this remote jungle paradise.Costs: Different all inclusive packages are offered but it is best to check the web site for the current prices. My husband and I paid $350 per person for all inclusive package 2 nights and 3 days.
This included 2 canal tours , all meals which were delicious, comfortable rooms with 2 double beds, ceiling fans and hot water
And of course round trip transportation from San Jose via very comfortable motor coach.The night tour to see the nesting green turtles was $30 per person Extra. This included a guide with a flashlight (only light allowed) no photos. We saw several turtles digging into the sand and laying their eggs. They were hugh turtles!

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