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 Costa Rica Spotlight: Canopy Tour -zip line tour
 This tour is near the mighty Arenal Volcano and lowland rain forests is the adventure tour company you should use if you are looking for exciting, adventurous outdoor day trips in the Arenal Volcano Area. From white water river rafting, horseback riding, rain forest swinging bridges, river floats, sky tram, butterfly farm, zip line tours, organic self sustaining farm tours, and more!
I was fortunate to have spend several days there experiencing a variety of these fun filled tours.

First, the canopy tour operated by Arenal Mundo Adventura, the ultimate rain forest “Tarzan and Jane ” zip line. High over the tops of tropical rainforest, from platform to platform- twelve in all!
We were strapped into our swing which would sustain us as we sped over the tree tops. At first I was really scared, but by the third or forth platform I was getting in the groove. Rain began to fall, but hey we are in Costa Rica!

One middle aged lady behind me, upon reaching the top of the first platform refused to take the plunge and choose to turn back. I could almost say I didn’t blame her. We were at least 80 feet above the forest floor, and looking down was… well….frightening.

We could hear howler monkeys in the near by trees. They seemed to be peering at us, and probably thinking…crazy humans, what are they doing with those funny looking straps around them and helmets on their heads?

A group of Costa Rican teachers from the near by town of Puntarenas had ridden the public bus two and one-half hours just to do this one zip line tour. Several of them were on the platform with me and I heard one say “My husband said that I would never do it, that I would chicken out..well this photo will be proof.”

I’m gliding, like a bird, high above the canopy floor, in a pristine rainforest, with toucans and howler monkeys near by. Wild orchids and bromeliads cling to the arms of the trees…and everywhere one looks it…green. Exhilarating , breath takin
Duration of tour— morning pick up…tour takes  4 hours, all morning… afternoon pick up, tour takes around 4 hours from time you depart your hotel until your return to the hotel

Not recommended for small children

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