Tips on Living and Retiring in Costa Rica

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One of many species of Costa Rican Orchids

One of many species of Costa Rican Orchids

Friendly smile ot Costa Rican Farmer's Market

Friendly smile at Costa Rica’s  Farmer’s Market

Tips on Living and Retiring in Costa Rica

Are you thinking of making a move to Costa Rica?  Perhaps to work or even to retire?

But are not sure if you can afford to do so?

I can offer you great tips to help you determine if this is the right move for you.

Cost of Living:  What is less expensive in Costa Rica than in USA or Canada?

No heating and cooling needed in your home.  (unless you live on the beach, then you may want air conditioning.)

Real Estate taxes on your home are less

Health Care is very good and cost much less.  Dental care and also medications are much less in Costa Rica

Fresh vegetables and fruits at the local week end farmers markets are really cheap.

Public transportation such as public buses are very good and very inexpensive

Home phones and cell phones and basic Internet service are cheaper in Costa Rica

Cable or satellite service about same as  US

9.  Domestic help is much less in Costa Rica- around $2 per hour.

What cost more in Costa Rica?

cars– the gov of Costa Rica slaps a tax on all imported cars which is a lot of money!
Expect to pay 50-75% more for the same car that you buy in the US.  Mechanics who repair your car are expensive and car parts which are all imported are expensive.
Gasoline is around $3.50 a gallon.

Apartments and houses (to north American standards)  expect to pay at least $700 and up per month for a 2 bedroom apartment in a safe secure neighborhood.

A week end at the beach?  In an nice 3 star hotel with good food expect to pay around $75-$100 per day per person.

It is what ever life style you choose that dictates how much money you spend every month.  If you want to live the lifestyle like you are now having in USA, then you will of course spend more money each month.  If you want to live a more simple life…slow down..smell the roses.  Well then you will spend less money.

If you are interested in learning more about  “The Real Costa Rica”  please order our video:    Costa Rica A Travel Adventure Spectacular from  page one of   You will hear  the testimonials of three North American who work in Costa Rica and also those who retired  in Costa Rica.   Plus see this beautiful country up close!   So go to the top of page one where you can view a two minute trailer of the video.     And order you own copy today!

Please tell me one reason why you would choose Costa Rica to retire?   1.  The weather is gorgeous and the Costa Rican people are warm, helpful, and friendly

Do I need to Speak Spanish?  No..BUT  it opens up the true Costa Rican culture to you and if you can talk to the locals…well  you can participate in the community gossip line (ha!)

So if you want to know a lot more about the Real Costa Rica, then take a moment and order our video!

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