Sloths Live in Costa Rica

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Sloths Live in Costa Rica.If you want to be sure to see many sloths on you vacation to Costa Rica, you must visit the southern Caribbean Coastline.  This dense jungle setting and hot weather is perfect for sloth habitat.

Sloths move very slow and come down from the trees only to urinate and defecate.

You must visit The Sloth Sanctuary located 30 KM south of the port city of Limon.  It is owned and run by Judy and Lewis Arroyo. They purchased 320 acres of swampland along the Estrella River  and built a home.  One day they found an injured sloth which had been hit by a car.  They took him home and nursed him back to health and named him Buttercup.   Buttercup is now 16 years old and lives happily at the Sloth Sanctuary  with his other sloth friends. This was the beginning of Judy and Lewis’s  quest to provide a sanctuary for injured sloths-to nurse them back to health and then release them to the wild.

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Have your vacation to Costa Rica planned by Ann, The Costa Rica Expert, And she will be sure you see sloths!