What people like about a Costa Rica Vacation

Hello from Costa Rica Learn Learn about what people like to do an a vacation to Costa Rica. I am Rebbeca and my mother is Kathy.   We recently spent one wonderful week in Costa Rica.  We came primarily  for dental work.   Dr Morera Fujiwara, Alajuela..We stayed at Xinia’s vacation home stay in Alajuela..then  the […]

How Do Costa Ricans Celebrate Christmas? By Eating Tamales

HOW DO COSTA RICANS CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS?  By Eating Tamales.They gather the families together and eat tamales.  The Costa Rican Tamale is made from corn masa as the base and it is filled with many different ingredients.  Among these are primarily pork, and then add sweet red pepper, carrots, green beans, olives, finely chopped garlic, onions, […]

Family Vacation Planner to Guanacaste Beaches

Nancy and her three grown up kids set out from Santa Barbara, California for a seven day adventure vacation to Costa Rica.  Nancy had rented a house for the five of them on Playa Portero in Guanacsate and rented a car to get around.  This beach is close to Playa Flamingo  (about forty five minutes north […]

What do Costa Ricans Do for New Years?

What do Costa Ricans  Do for New Years? For New Years many Costa Rica will go to the beaches.  They will gather their family together and head for their own personal beach houses or will rent a house on the beach.    On New Years Eve they will celebrate with lots of typical Costa Rican […]

Monteverde A Land of Cloud Forest and Quakers

Monteverde A Land of Cloud Forest and Quakers VACATION IN RURAL COSTA RICA Monteverde lies high in the mountains of central Costa Rica, seven thousand feet above sea level. Clouds seem to shroud the cool environment , and mist floats across the horizon. The road to get there, well-if you can call it a road…..The […]

Costa Rica’s National Theater

This year Costa Rica’s National Theater located in downtown San Jose is celebrating its 117th birthday.  The National Theater was inaugurated on October 19, 1897.  The opening night featured a magnificent presentation of the opera Faust.  The sumptuous building, neoclassic in style,  is a copy of the Paris Opera House and was financed from the […]

Denise Simms Writes about Xinia’s Costa Rica Vacation Homestay

Denise said, “I learned of Xinia’s Costa Rica Vacation Homestay thru a friend Ann Cabezas Creed, owner of (vacation planning to Costa Rica and Homestays Costa Rica)  It was perfect for me because I was traveling alone to Costa Rica for Dental Work. Xinia  (fluent in English) provided a lovely place for me to […]

Sloths Live in Costa Rica

Sloths Live in Costa Rica.If you want to be sure to see many sloths on you vacation to Costa Rica, you must visit the southern Caribbean Coastline.  This dense jungle setting and hot weather is perfect for sloth habitat. Sloths move very slow and come down from the trees only to urinate and defecate. You […]

How A Rental Car In Costa Rica Makes Your Vacation Better

How A Rental Car In Costa Rica Makes Your Vacation Better Having a rental car while vacationing in Costa Rica allows the tourist  to enjoy more places and see close up the spectacular natural beauty. Costa Rica’s infrastructure and friendly local people make it an ideal vacation destination to rent a car. Tourist want certain […]

Rancho Margot Self Sustainable, Self sufficient Eco-Lodge And Working Organic Farm

Rancho Margot Self Sustainable, Self sufficient Eco Lodge And Working Organic Farm Rancho Margot is self sustainable and self sufficient.  It is an eco lodge and large farm where organic food is grown and served.  The meat, eggs, and cheese are grown and made here on the farm.  It is located in the middle of […]