Is Tamarindo Beach Town In Costa Rica Named for the Tamarind, a Tropical Fruit Tree?

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The Tamarind  Tree of Costa Rica

Tamarind Pods

Is Tamarindo Beach Town In Costa Rica Named for the Tamarind, a Tropical Fruit Tree?

Tamarind is a tropical fruit tree native to Africa. It grows in tropical climates and can survive without a lot of rainfall, such as the NW Pacific areas of Guanacaste in Costa Rica.  Its tree itself is often planted for a shade tree and it’s  fruit contains an acidic pulp, dark red in color.    This pulp is used to make a drink which quinches the thirst, and is very popular in Costa Rica.  If you are vacationing in Costa Rica be sure to order a Tamarind drink and see how you like it.  In the glass it has a color similar to red wine.

There is a small town in Costa Rica named Tamarindo, located on the NW Pacific beach of Costa Rica in the province of Guanacsate.  Don’t know if it is named for this tropical fruit tree. Tamarindo is famous for surfing because the waves there are just right, even for beginner surfers.  There are long stretches of beach nice for walking especially in the late afternoon.  The sunset is beautiful.

Deep Sea fishing is great in Tamarindo.  The beautiful deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean offer the best of sailfish, large tuna, and marlin.

In recent years Tamarindo has become a very popular destination for young people looking for sun and fun.  There is abundant night life in the high season of December through March. And lots of small locally owned  restaurants.

So if you are traveling to Costa Rica and want a beach destination, check out Tamarindo and be sure to order a Tamarind drink.

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