Is Costa Rica Safe for Vacationing?

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Safety In Costa Rica For a Tourist

After living in Costa Rica for many years I am aware of the things one should know related to safety.

I remember driving into Alajuela with my new husband and shockingly observing the bars on the resident’s windows.  Naively I asked, “Is this decoration?” Rod laughed.  “No, he said.”  “It is for security.”

My ex husband is Costa Rican and I remember the first time I was in my mother in law’s home.  Coming from rural Alabama where we never locked our doors, I was shocked.  Donna Isabel said to me “You are new to this country and your must know certain things.”  “When you have your own home here you must lock up all valuables.”

I observed her rituals.  She locked the kitchen cabinets, her china cabinet, and the door to her bedroom. Reason:  the household help according to Donna Isabel were not to be trusted.  So I followed her example and never had anything taken from me.

So I tell my clients, when vacationing in Costa Rica you must follow a few safety rules.  1. Do not leave cameras, smart phones, computers, etc unattended in a restaurant.  And don’t leave these items in your hotel room when you are not there.  Because petty theft is common in Costa Rica.

2. copy your passport and credit cards and keep them in a separate place. I keep my passport and credit card along with my money in a money bag under my clothes.

3. Don’t trust strangers trying to strike up a conversation, getting close to you.  (pick pockets)

4. dont walk at night alone in unlighted areas

You will be fine as long as you are alert and aware.

Also when renting a vehicle-keep doors locked and do not leave valuables inside the vehicle where they are visible.

Park vehicle only in designated parking areas and well lighted at night.

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