International Day of Women Celebrated in Costa Rica

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March 8 2016 is The International Day of Women-celebrated all over the world to give recognition to women’s achievements without regard to culure, color, economics, or politics.

In Las Pilas de Alajuela, Costa Rica, we celebrated the life of eighty five year old Lucia Murillo and her fifty year old daughter Xinia Murillo. Shown in the above Photo.

What an achievement! Lucia gave birth to eleven children while living on a remote farm near the small agricultural town of Cabanga in northern Costa Rica. There were six boys and five girls, all born in the three room wooden cabin built by Xinia’s father. All eleven have grown into productive adults-  carpenters, chefs, homemakers and mothers, farmers, hospitality and tourism managers.

The weather Cabanga is tropical with warm rains all year round. The farm was reachable only by a dirt gravel road and when the rain was heavy the Bigaces river could be crossed only on horseback.

Xina’s father with the help of all eleven children raised cattle, cultivated corn, beans, yucca, and coffee, as well as fresh vegetables. The diet was organic. The only fertilizer used was the dried manure from the cattle.
Plowing was done by hand with help from a horse drawn two blade plow. The farm was only fifteen miles from base of Arenal Volcano. Hot mineral springs bubbled up through the rich black soil.

The children walked every school day one mile to the one room school house. Here they learned the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Usually by grade six the children dropped out of school to work on the farm.

Xinia has opened her home as a home stay Bed and Breakfast for tourist seeking a true cultural experience.  She is conveniently located twelve minutes from San Jose International Airport.  And invites you to come visit her and her family in their modest home on a hillside overlooking Alajuela.

To reserve your room at Xinia’s please contact Ann  read about Ann and her Costa Rica Learn Travel Agency

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