How A Rental Car In Costa Rica Makes Your Vacation Better

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How A Rental Car In Costa Rica Makes Your Vacation Better

Having a rental car while vacationing in Costa Rica allows the tourist  to enjoy more places and see close up the spectacular natural beauty. Costa Rica’s infrastructure and friendly local people make it an ideal vacation destination to rent a car.

Tourist want certain things from a vacation:  a relaxing experience and escape from the the nine to five stressful business work week.  They want to learn new things and experience the attractions, thus create wonderful  memories.  A Costa Rica Rental Car allows one to explore on their own and not have to be with a bus filled with other tourist.

Being a small country, Costa Rica allows the tourist with a rental car to get from point A to point B with few problems.   Economy Rent A Car makes this possible.  No waiting in line for buses, wasting time picking up other passengers, or stopping for meals which take up a good bit of your time.  Click here to see all the advantages that Economy Car Rental has to offer.

Tourist ask:  What kind of car should I rent?  A midsize car is great for visiting San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital city.  And the near by suburb of Heredia offers great Coffee Tours.  The National Biodiversity Institute located near Heredia introduces one to the flora and fauna of Costa Rica. These places can be easily accessed by  rental car.

Poas Volcano National Park and La Paz Waterfall Gardens (breathtaking waterfalls and close up views of wildlife) are located forty five  minutes by rental car from San Jose and only thirty minutes by car from Alajuela, and are great choices for day trips.  The roads to these two places are good and easy to get to.

Visiting attractions outside the Central Valley and Metropolitan area, you will need to rent a 4×4 vehicle due to the infrastructure.  Some roads are bumpy and are dirt and gravel.

Costa Rica’s beaches are easily accessed by rental car.  Jaco, , located in the Central Pacific- is famous for it’s dark volcanic beaches, and is only two hours by rental car from the San Jose International Airport.  You do not need a 4×4 to reach this beach. However, the other beaches such as Manuel Antonio and the NW Guanacaste Beaches have some roads that require a 4×4 vehicle.

Manuel Antonio, a favorite tourist spot  and famous for it’s sandy white beaches, is full of wildlife-most famous is the White Face Capuchin Monkey.  This beach is three and one half hours from the San Jose International  Airport and the road is good.   So a rental car is a good option for getting to and around Manuel Antoinio.

I want to thank Rachel Ratcliffe  for contributing this very informative article.  Rachel lives in Heredia, Costa Rica.  She works in tourism and also writes travel articles about the many fascinating places to visit.

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