Doka Coffee Tour, Alajuela Costa Rica

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Let’s take the Doka-Four Generations Coffee Tour and learn how coffee is grown, processed, marketed.  The Vargus Ruiz family has been growing great tasting coffee for Three  generations right here on the slopes of the Poas Volcano in the central Valley of Costa Rica.

Climate and altitude affect the taste of coffee and here at the Doka Coffee Tour the altitude is just about perfect at 4,000 feet above sea level and the eternal spring weather is just what coffee needs to grow.  The guided tour takes about one and one half hours.

You will learn about the different varieties of coffee cultivated here and how it is processed and then roasted to get the different blends.  You can buy these blends here at the tour to take home with  you as gifts or for your own consumption.

If you visit in December thru mid February you can see first hand how the coffee is processed.

Some of the coffee beans are roasted and sold within Costa Rica and other beans  are exported.   Star Bucks buys some of their coffee beans from Doka Three Generations coffee plantation.

We tasted three different roasts  of the bean.  Dark roast, light roast, and French blend.
My favorite is the dark roast.

I highly recommend this tour.  It is truly an education on coffee obtained in a very fun way. You can see up close the beautiful green coffee bushes with their red beans  (mid November through mid February)  In the month of May the plant has a sweet smelling small white flow.  The field looks like snow has fallen.
And then comes the green coffee bean and in mid November it starts to turn red and is ready to pick.  Coffee is picked entirely by hand and here in Costa Rica mostly by Nicaraguans who come during the picking season just to pick the coffee.  All ages arrive at daylight to pick, even small children.  All seem to enjoy picking and make a social event of it.

Entrance fee to the tour is approximately $14 per person.

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