Costa Rica’s Humpback Whales are the “Songsters of the Sea”

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acrobatic humpback whale costa rica

acrobatic humpback whale costa rica

Costa Rica’s Humpback Whales are the “Songsters of the Sea”

Costa Rica’s humpback whales are performers and have been nicknamed “Songsters of the Sea”. That’s because they sing.  It’s the male that sings when he  is calling for a mate.  Yes, these male humpback whales sing during mating season when they are in warm tropical water. They migrate here from the colder polar waters, traveling up to 3,000 miles.

Their songs are long erie beautiful songs.  The sounds they make are a combination of squeaks in a sequence making a unique rhythm.  Sometimes they sing for twenty minutes and can be heard from long distances away.  It’s a puzzle as to how they can sing, since they do not have vocal chords.

Humpback whales in Costa Rica are acrobats.  They use their powerful fins to flip themselves up and out of the water.  Their large bodies come up gracefully  and their wide tail fins are the last thing you see when they go back under the water.  It’s quite a show!   Then unexpectedly, they poke their heads up out of the water and spray water several feet high.

Tourist love to go on whale watching tours and Costa Rica tourist are no exception.  At Marino Ballena National Park located on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica is where you can certainly see these amazing creatures.  Best time of the year is mid December thru mid April when they have migrated to  these warm tropical waters.

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