Costa Rica: Young Ladies Pump Gas

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young lady gas station attentant

young lady gas station attendant

Costa Rica:  Young Ladies Pump Gas

If you are on vacation in Costa Rica and you stop at a gas station to fill up your rental car, you will see something that you do not see in the United States.  Young ladies working at the gas stations.  ladies  pump gas , check your oil and water levels,   put air in your tires , even wash your windshield.  And they are very professional and efficient.  They wear a uniform and usually white  pants with a T Shirt.   And you get service with a smile.

In  Costa Rica you get full service when you put gas in your car.   You don’t have to pump it yourself and  you will get all you fluids and oil checked.  And your windshield washed..all at no extra charge!  A great service!   I usually tip the attendant if he or she is smiling and friendly.

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