Costa Rica A Travel Adventure Spectacular Video by Carol Wunderle

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IMG_0943Costa Rica A Travel Adventure Spectacular Video by Carol Wunderle

“We loved the clarity in the film describing the most popular vacation spots in Costa Rica as well as the great residential areas to choose from.  We loved the beautiful churches including the red steel church in Grecia which houses the  pipe organ  with the exquisite pipe sounds.  Seeing the gorgeous flowers, trees, and plants, and the closeness of all the animals –sloths, monkeys, and more.  We loved the colorful oxcarts, the traditional horse tope  (parade) in Alajuela, and the bull fight in Palmares was a treat!  Having lived in Costa Rica for eighteen years, I truly agree with what was said by the North American people who now reside in Costa Rica.  The film is beautifully structured, narrated, and produced.  Carol Wunderlee.

You can order your own copy of “Costa Rica A Travel Adventure Spectacular“, the full length 58 minutes DVD which features the most popular tourist destinations Costa Rica has to offer- by going to the home page of   Look to the top where it says “ORDER OUR VIDEO”  Click  and a window will open with instructions on how to order it.

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