Coffee in Costa Rica Must be Picked By Hand

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Coffee in Costa Rica Must be Picked By Hand

Coffee in Costa Rica must be picked by hand.  It can’t be machine picked because the coffee berries would be smashed and damaged.

Coffee is the number one export crop for Costa Rica, and  tourist who vacation in Costa Rica love to visit a coffee plantation-see It’s beauty and taste the many blends.

In the central valley of Costa Rica there are two different coffee tours the tourists can take.

First there is Doka Four Generations Coffee Tour located 6 miles north of Alajuela, the second larges city in Costa Rica.  The Vargas Family  has owned and operated this coffee plantation for four generations.  Tours are offered four times a day and costs around $20 per adult.  You see how coffee is picked and harvested and then you taste four different blends of the coffee.  Also you can purchase coffee to take home.  click here to read all about this tour

Second is the Britt Coffee Tour located in the central valley fews miles outside the capital city of San Jose.  The town is called Santa Domingo de Heredia.  This is a half day tour and costs $22 per adult.  The tour is inside a large coffee plantation-very scenic and the weather is cool and brisk.  click to read all about it

Coffee is the crop that made many people wealthy.  However, coffee is not indigenous to Costa Rica.  The first coffee to be planted were for ornamental decoration for the green berries which later turn red.  By 1840 coffee had caught on growing well at 4.000 feet in the cool climate of the central valley,  and was  transported by oxcart over the mountains to Puntarenas and on by boat to Europe.  Today coffee is Costa Rica’s number one export.

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