Choosing a Rental Car Agency in Costa Rica

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Choosing a Rental Car Agency in Costa Rica

Costa Rica car rental agencies are numerous,  So you ask,  how do I choose the right one for me?

First, go on the Internet and find the names of  some of the agencies.  After thoroughly reading their Internet sight, call the 800 toll free number and talk to a sales representative.  Look for courtesy and knowledge of their products. Check out at least three different agencies.

Reserve your vehicle before departing from your home country.

1. First, ask do you have any specials?

2. Is the vehicle straight shift or automatic, does it have radio, and air conditioning.

3. How old is the vehicle.  Should ask for the newest one they have..should not rent  a vehicle that is more than  2-3 years.

4. If you plan to pick up in one area and drop off in another, ask for the cost of the drop off fee.

5. Ask if they will deliver the car to your hotel and pick it up at your  hotel.  Most of the agencies offer this service.

6. Ask where they are located.  Most agencies are located across the street from the San Jose International Airport.   Many of the agencies also have offices at the Liberia International Airport.   Additionally, some agencies have offices in the major tourism destinations around Costa Rica.   Including the Osa Penninsula.

7. If you want to rent a mini van.  I found that Toyota Rental Car Agency rents Toyota mini vans in two different sizes,  one is a ten passenger and the other one is larger.  They will even provide a driver at extra cost.  However,  the sales person told me that the insurance purchased through a major credit card in your home country does not cover mini vans.  I suggest that you double check this with  your credit card company.

8. Do I need to rent a 4×4?  If you are going outside the valley of San Jose ,  Alajuela,  Grecia,  and Atenas.  Then yes you need a 4×4 because of the condition of the roads.

9. Most of the car rental agencies offer to rent  1. cell phones   2. baby seats  (required by law in Costa Rica)  GPS .  You can obtain a good road map from the agency so you may not  need a GPS.

10.  Insurance-is the most confusing part of renting the car.  Please refer to my previous article on renting a car in Costa Rica.  Look at my categories and you will see ” Renting a Car In Costa Rica Saving Time and Money”   Here you will find valuable information on how to save money on insurance when you rent the car

Observe all traffic laws.  Breaking any traffic law carries a very large monetary fine.  Yes, it’s  hundreds of dollars and driving while under influence of alcohol  can carry a jail sentence.

Speed  limits are in kilometers.  Major highways  is 60 km to 80 km     Within  City limits are  40 km    school districts 15-20 km and the children are usually all out in the street when school is opening and closing so observe this and go slow!

Costa Ricans generally are aggressive drivers and some drive recklessly.

Here at we would love to hear if you have had a good experience with a car rental agency in Costa Rica so we can share it with our readers.  At the end of this article simply click on comment or reply.

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