Can I See A Quetzal In Monteverde?

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Can I see a Quetzal in Monteverde? Yes, if you are lucky.  Although the Quetzal is listed as endangered,  the estimate as to how many live in and around the protected Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve-is over one thousand.  It’s best to hire a naturalist guide when you start your hike through the Cloud Forest Reserve because they are familiar with  the area and know the habits of the Quetzal and where they nest.

Mayan Kings  and Aztec Nobility prized the quetzal’s iridescence green tail feathers more than they prized gold., calling it “the bird of life”  symbolizing supreme freedom and wearing their feathers during ceremonies.   The Quetzal is the National Bird of Guatamala and it’s symbol of liberty  carries it’s name on the National currency. “The Quetzal”

Quetzals are monogamous birds and lay their eggs in a nest in holes of trees , similar to a woodpecker.  The female incubates through the night and then the male takes his turn sitting on the eggs during the day.  The males grow the long colorful tales during mating season to lure the females.

Monteverde, 4,000 feet above sea levels,  is a theatrical environment  of hundreds of different species of trees, plants, flowers, waterfalls, and swamps.  It is  shrouded  in  cloudy mists which seem to constantly linger with  occasional patches of brilliant sunlight bursting through forming shadows on the jungle floor.  This forms a perfect habitat for the splendid Quetzal.  We need to continue to preserve these precious rain forest , not allowing them to be cut down for logs and for clearing for pasture.

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