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Can I See A Quetzal In Monteverde?

Can I see a Quetzal in Monteverde? Yes, if you are lucky.  Although the Quetzal is listed as endangered,  the estimate as to how many live in and around the protected Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve-is over one thousand.  It’s best to hire a naturalist guide when you start your hike through the Cloud Forest Reserve […]

The Quetzal can be Found In Monteverde, Costa Rica

The Quetzal can be Found In Monteverde, Costa Rica On your travels to Costa Rica are you planning to go to Monteverde?  If so you may be lucky and see the most beautiful bird in the rain forest, the resplendent Quetzal. Yes, Quetzals can be found deep in the Monteverde Cloud Forest reserve.  They make […]

Monteverde, Settled by Quakers

The Community named Monteverde was settled by eleven Quakers  families from Alabama in the early 1950s.  They left the United States and came to Costa Rica looking for a new home,  because they had a strong belief against the military system of the US .  Costa Rica,  in 1948 permanently abolished it’s army, and known […]