Abounding Natural Beauty of Arenal Volcano and Arenal Lake Area

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Primary Rainforest-Osa Peninsula

Abounding Natural Beauty of Arenal Volcano and Arenal Lake Area.  First is the rainforest-verdant and green.  The weather in the Arenal Volcano is rainy,  therefore everything is always one hundred shades of green. Hundreds of flowering plants are always in bloom. Tropical birds are always singing.  Black howler monkeys are always howling. There is no rainy season or dry season.  However: the driest months are March and April.   Pineapple plantations line the country side.  Papayas grow by the thousands here.  Bananas grow so profusely that they are used as feed for the cattle. As one drives form La Fortuna to San Ramon you will see the flower exporting farms.  Miles and miles of ferns, corn plants, and other household plants dot the hill sides. Sunshine, especially in the mornings is abundant here. la-fortuna-costa-rica-1rp_arenal-volcano.jpgrp_tob.jpg When you buy house hold plants  at Lowes or Home Depot, USA,  Arenal Volcano area is probably where they are grown.

Hundreds of hot mineral springs are under the earth at the base of the volcano.  Many tourist attractions include bathing in these hot mineral springs.  The spectacular blue river is just north of the Arenal Volcano at the Tenorio Volcano National park. One can hike and reach the most spectacular waterfall in all of Costa Rica, the Blue River Waterfall. The Arenal has two very poisonous  snakes.  The fe de lance and the eye lash viper,

horseback riding at base

horseback riding at base

IMG_3750Zip Line over rain forest canopy

Mighty Arenal Volcano

Mighty Arenal Volcano and Lake Arenal

the yellow small snake shown in this photo. If you disturb this eye lash viper he  will push his eye lashes outward.  I have seen one of these snakes doing this-a most unusual sight.


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Eyelash Viper

Eyelash Viper