A Vacation to Costa Rica? Come on Down the Costa Rican Coffee is Great!

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A Vacation to Costa Rica? Come on Down the  Costa Rican Coffee is Great!


costa rica coffee, green beans turn to red in November

costa rica coffee, green beans turn to red in November

Are you planning to travel  to Costa Rica, a vacation in Costa Rica? Don’t miss the coffee!

The Ticos call the coffee white snow when in the month of May the white coffee blossoms blanket the fields of the Central Valley and it’d  sweet  jasmine fragrance  fills the air. Coffee grows best at around 4,000 feet above sea level at the cooler temperatures so the central valley slopes of the Poas and Irazu Volcanoes provide a perfect environment.

The Spanish immigrants brought coffee beans to Costa Rica from Ethiopia and Arabia.  When these seeds were first planted the plants were for ornamental use, grown to decorate patios and courtyards with their glossy green leaves, white flowers, and bright red berries.

Then the Costa Rican government seeing how well the coffee plants grew,  awarded free coffee plants and land grants to anyone willing to grow coffee.  Since the climate was perfect and the soil conditions excellent, coffee flourished and by 1840 coffee had become big business, creating an oligarchy of coffee barons who rose to positions of power and wealth.

Now coffee is Costa Rica’s number one export.  And in just about every cup of Starbuck’s coffee , you will find it contains a percentage of Costa Rica coffee beans.  If you are vacationing in Costa Rica and taste the coffee, you will taste the freshness of it.  The bean is harvested from the coffee plant, processed, and sold right here in Costa Rica..so it does not have a long shelf life.

I was lucky to be able to stay in Costa Rica for the month of July and of course drank the coffee daily.  When I returned to the US I was so disappointed at the taste of the coffee,  even the more expensive brands.  Guess it has to do with the shelf life and how old the coffee bean is when we actually buy it in US.  Best bet is to purchase the coffee beans and grind them just before putting them in the coffee maker.  And keep the bean in your freezer tightly sealed in a bag.

I have been asked, well what brand of coffee should I buy in to take home with me?   Quite honestly the bags of coffee you see on the shelves of Costa Rica grocery stores are all good.  Because they are fresh.

Recommendation:  Ask for a  plain cup of coffee with frothed milk or cream….just delicious!   Of course the capuchino is special in Costa Rica.

If time permits on your vacation to Costa Rica take one of the coffee tours located in the central valley near Alajuela and Heredia.

Learn about the Doka Estate Coffee tour located 6 miles north of Alajuela on the road to the Poas Volcano   www.dokaestate.com

Learn more about the Britt coffee tour located near the town of Heredia in the central valley     www.cafebritt.com

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