A Great Day Tour in Manuel Antonio-Quepos, Costa Rica. SPOTLIGHT: “The Rainmaker Tour” Home to the Harlequin Toad.

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Suspended Bridge above the rain forest canopy

Suspended Bridge above the rain forest canopy

Harlequin Toad in Costa Rica's Rain Forest

Harlequin Toad in Costa Rica’s Rain Forest

A Great Day Tour in Manuel Antonio-Quepos, Costa Rica. SPOTLIGHT:  “The Rainmaker Tour” Home to the Harlequin Toad.

If you are traveling to Costa Rica and plan to visit Manuel Antonio-Quepos and want a true nature orientated tour, take the Rainmaker Tour.  You can purchase this thru Iguana Tours located in Quepos.  Quepos is a very small town, only three city blocks so ask anyone and they can guide you to Iguana Tour’s office.

So why the Rainmaker Tour?  It is truly a venture into the rain forest filled with beautiful tropical birds and white face monkeys.  The trees are hugh and very tall.  There are suspended bridges built over the rain forest canopy so you can actually walk above the rain forest tree line.  You pass streams and waterfalls and can swim in a pool formed by a large waterfall.  A well trained guide will accompany you and explain about all the different species of plants and trees.  Be sure to bring your binoculars.  There are three species of toucans in this area.  Also bring your camera. The photography  opportunities are  excellent.

The tour begins with a walk along the Rio Seco’s edge.  The easy walking paths are very well mapped  to take advantage of the gorgeous old trees some with buttresses of two meters wide, and the quietness is interrupted only by the sounds of the birds singing deep in the jungle.  We pass a troupe of white face monkeys which show great curiosity at our intrusion into their territory.

It seems that in this rain forest resides a unique toad called the Harlequin Toad.  This toad was presumed to be extinct but one day miraculously reappeared in the Rainmaker Rain Forest Area.  The guides are very good a finding this small toads but don’t pick one up because they are said to be poisonous.   It’s beautiful colors of yellow and black make it a very unusual looking toad.

Be sure to wear good walking shoes and a light weight rain jacket.  And cotton, cool clothes.  It can get very warm and humid here.  A delicious typical Costa Rican lunch is  included and natural jusices of pineapple, orange, and papaya are also served.  All in all a great day!

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