What is the weather like in Costa Rica?

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So What is The Weather Like  in costa rica and when is best time to travel and vacation in Costa Rica?

Tourist season in Costa Rica is HIGH SEASON  December through April and LOW SEASON  May through November.  July is often a high tourism month.

The AREA  of Costa Rica where you are living determines how much rain you get.  The Central Valley where the capital city of San Jose is located gets a lot of rain in June, August, September, October and part November.Guanacaste in the northwestern zone gets less rain and more sun than any other area of Costa Rica. That is why the large chain beach hotels are located there. More rainy months in Guanacaste are June, August, Sept, and October.  However , the rain comes mostly in afternoon thunder showers.

Arenal Volcano area, there is no rain or dry season..Rains all year round.  Driest months are March and April.  West Central Costa Rica, Jaco, Manuel Antonio, Dominical

Nice beaches in these areas.  Here you do have a rainy and a dry season.  Rains mostly June, August, September, October, November.

 Osa Peninsula  Southern Zone-Pacific Ocean. Very rainy area all year round.


Caribbean Ocean, East coast of Costa Rica.  Most rainy  area in all the country.  Rains almost daily.


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