Visit Paradise Hot Springs Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

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Paradise Hot Springs


Visit Paradise Hot Springs Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

Recently I visited the Paradise Hot Springs – I can see why it was named “Paradise Hot Springs” It is a natural hot mineral waters coming from under the earth at the base of the Arenal Volcano, surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers and a nice view of the Arenal Volcano.  These hot springs are located three miles outside the town of La Fortuna, Costa Rica -if you are driving towards Lake Arenal.   Paradise Hot Springs is one year old and is a welcomed addition to the many hot springs experiences offered in the Arenal Volcano area.  The entry fee is a very good value at $23 for adults and $15 for children.  The total number of guests at one time is limited to one hundred and ten.   The owners are Costa Ricans who also own an ornamental plant business in the area.  You will see one hundred different species of tropical plants in the surrounding gardens of the hot springs and David, the owner is very enthusiastic about explaining the the characteristics of these different species of plants.

There are two large pools and one of these is  a swim up bar.  I felt these two pools were moderately warm.  However there are two other smaller pools, in a beautiful tropical setting with mineral springs waterfalls, and these pools are just right-not too hot and not too cool.

Additionally, there is one small pool which is very hot -around 105F and a small cold pool to dip into after coming out of the hot pool.

The therapeutic effects of mineral hot springs is well known. The heat causes the body to sweat which has a cleansing effect on the body.  Your body  becomes very relaxed. Many people with arthritis, and other ailments causing stiff joints and pain testify that these waters are a great relief.

Balance and Harmony

If the hot springs are from naturally occurring underground mineral waters, you can receive these five Elements:

Earth– underground birth of the hot mineral springs

Metals-from the minerals in the naturally occurring springs


Wood -effects  from the trees surrounding the springs

Fire  heat from the water plus the sunshine

Specific health benefits of naturally occurring minerals in the hot springs.  These minerals  are absorbed thru the skin and have variable benefits:  Boron increases brain activity.

Chlorides benefits arthritis and stress

Iron increases production of  blood and strengthens the immune system

Magnesium converts blood sugar to energy

Potassium regulates hearth rhythm and blood pressure

Lithium alleviates depression

Sulfates– skin problems such psoriasis

After bathing in hot mineral springs, a therapeutic body massages is a great healing experience and you can get one at Paradise Hot Springs with appointment.  Also, you can get the mud from the volcanic rock rubbed on your body to further enhance these mineral effects.

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