Vacation Planner Costa Rica

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Vacation Planner Costa Rica

Why would I want to hire a vacation planner to help me with my itinerary planning for my vacation to Costa Rica?  I can go on the internet and find everything I want to do and choices of hotels.

Well, a vacation planner like Ann at  could make a big difference for you.  Yes, the internet will give you a lot of information but it cannot give you the details like Ann can.  She can tell you the distances and driving times to and from the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica.  If you look at a map the distances look short but these roads are mountainous and driving times are much longer than they appear on the map.

The Hotels Ann recommend have been visited by her and checked by her.  The website of a property can say what they want to about their property.

The car rental company she recommends has been used many times by her and her clients so she know they are reliable and competitive with pricing.

Ann has been working in Costa Rica tourism for 12 years so she knows her product and offers you testimonials from her satisfied clients.   She listens to what you would like to do, the time you have,  and most of all your budget  (yes, she can make it affordable) and “matches it all up for you”

She will put the “pieces of the puzzle” together and in the end you will spend  your vacation time more wisely and with much less frustration if you try and do it by yourself just with the internet.

She is paid by commission by the properties and products she sell so there is no additional cost for you.  OR  you can have Ann design your itinerary and you can book it yourself and simply pay her a fee.  Typically a 7 day vacation itinerary is around $75-$100.  And this amount of money you will get back right away by savings on the itinerary she designs.

So get started planning that affordable vacation to Costa Rica today!  It’s simple-This is all done by email and phone.  Simply click here

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