Turrialba Volcano is Erupting

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Feb 1 2017   Today the volcano made a another huge eruption.  Spraying ash for miles.  Turrialba Volcano is located due east of San Jose, the Capital City of Costa Rica .  The distance is close, only about fifty miles from the capital.  Turrialba Volcano is one of seven volcanoes in Costa Rica but at the moment is the only one erupting.  . Poas Volcano thirty miles north of San Jose is a mile wide geyer and spews hot water and sulfa steam in the air-almost constantly but not large enough amounts to cause disturbance.  The giant Arenal Volcano located in north central Costa Rica -far from San Jose, (most famous volcano in Costa Rica)  is currently inactive, although up until two  and half years ago erupted constantly drawing tourist from afar to view the fire and molten rocks spewing from its summit.

Turrialba Volcano is BIG, standing 10,000 feet above sea level. The area around it is agricultural land and is now covered with light ash. Farmers in the area are very concerned, because it is adversely affecting crops as well as live stock.

The San Jose International airport was recently closed for approx twenty four hours due to ash on the runway and also ash in the air around the airport. At this time the airport is open.

The ash is reaching most areas of the central valley because the winds are blowing from east to west, bringing the ash into San Jose and surrounding areas.  Costa Ricans don’t seem to get too worried.  They simply go about their lives. I supposed they have witnessed this over the years and do not get alarmed.  I want to give credit to the photographer Ezequiel Becerra for these great photos of Turrialba Volcano.

Approx three hundred and twenty five farmers have been negatively affected.


Crops include cabbage, onions, cauliflower, and carrots. turrialba_volcano_eruption_2014-_costa_rica_3