Costa Rica Travel Video

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Blue River in Northern Costa rica

Blue River in Northern Costa rica

Gianat Fern Tree Costa Rica Rainforest

Giant Fern Tree Costa Rica Rainforest

Costa Rica Travel Video

Are you planning to travel to Costa Rica on vacation or some other reason such as business or seeking a place to retire?  We have the perfect travel video of Costa Rica.  Filmed by Ken Creed, a veteran travel adventure videographer whose film credits include “Alaska”  “Ireland”   and  Along the Blue Ridge Mountains”  Ken was  chosen by the National Geographic Society to present his films at their  travel adventure film series at Constitutional Hall in Washington  DC.

You can view a short trailer of “Costa Rica a Travel Adventure Spectacular”  on the home page of   Go  to top of the home page and click on “buy our video.”  There you can view the short trailer of this Costa Rica travel video and also it can be purchased here

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