How to Plan A Vacation to Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

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Arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano

How to Plan Your Vacation to Arenal Volcano Costa Rica and get the BEST outdoor ADVENTURE Vacation of your lifetime!  Ann, “the Costa Rica Expert” is here to tell you how to do it .  Ann is the owner of “The Costa Rica Learn Adventure Travel Company.”  She has worked in tourism in Costa Rica for twelve years-so experience counts!

How much time should I spend in Arenal?  We are a family of three teenage children and Mom and Dad.  Allow a minimum of 4 nights  (or a least 3 nights)  Arenal is a place of magnificent natural beauty.  It has rainforest, tropical birds, monkeys, iguanas, sloths, waterfalls, raging rivers, (including the famous blue river in Tenorio National Park.

With soo many outdoor adventure activities available… Some are full day adventures and some are half day adventures..  Ann, The Costa Rica Expert,  can help you arrange the time schedule so no time is wasted.

How do I choose a hotel?  There are  many eco lodges as well as  luxury hotels. A hotel for everyone’s budget.  Eco lodges range  from around $130  per night for a double room and up.  Luxury hotels approx. $225 for a double room per night and up.

When is best time of year to visit Arenal.  The rainfall in Arenal: No dry season or rainy season.  The driest months are March and April.  However tourist flock here all year round.  When the rain comes, it is usually in the mid to late afternoon and the mornings are sunny.   Prices for hotels are higher in the high season which is December through April.  Then comes the Green Season and prices come down for hotels quite a bit (usually in the 20% range)

Are the adventure tours good for all ages.  Yes, there is an adventure tours for all ages.  There is even a zip line tour for ages beginning at six years. To pick the adventure tours in fit into your vacation time frame and your level of activity contact Ann and she can explain all the options and help you arrange your time schedule.  See Ann’s web site link at end of this article which explains how to contact her.

Arenal Volcano area has the most wonderful adventure tours of any single location in Costa Rica.  The infrastructure is well established.

Where is Arenal located and How do I get there?  Arenal is located in the north central area of Costa Rica. The roads are paved and in good condition from San Jose International airport to Arenal.   Heading north on highway 1 (interamerican highway) -The drive via San Ramon is 3.5 hours and is best not to drive at night because the roads are mountainous with many curves.   Northern Zone of Costa Rica- Going from from Liberia  to Arenal  the roads are good and are paved.( Liberia is where the 2nd international airport is located in the northern zone of Costa Rica)   Head south on the interamerican highway  (highway 1)  Exit at Canas and follow this road to Arenal .
The journey takes approx 3.5 hours.  Ann can arrange for a private transfer by van or you can rent a car which Ann can arrange for you.  Also you can fly by Nature Air from San Jose to La Fortuna which is at base of the Arenal Volcano.

Contact Ann the “Costa Rica Travel Expert”  Owner:  The Costa Rica Learn Adventure Travel Company.  She will  help you plan your vacation to Arenal.  She will save you time and money allowing a restful stress free vacation in Arenal.  Find Ann at her web site: