Car Rental in Costa Rica


Car Rental  in Costa Rica

I have many inquiries related to renting a car in Costa Rica.  If one goes on the web sites of the different car rental companies, you will find the total cost of the car rental is not well explained.  Especially the cost of the insurance.  There are two types of insurance you have to purchase.  1. Liability (you can buy 80%  liability or for a little more money you can buy 100% liability insurance.)    2.  The collision insurance  which is the more expensive of the two.  Call the car rental company or send them an email and ask them to explain these two insurances and  the total cost of renting the vehicle.  Also you are required to leave a credit card voucher signed for what they call “the deductible” in case of an accident.  This can be up to $1000 depending on how expensive the vehicle is that you rent.  This voucher is torn up when you turn the vehicle in and there is no damage.

Insurance in Costa Rica will not pay if you are caught drinking while driving, consuming illegal drugs, or driving into and across rivers or large puddles of water   (reckless driving)

You will need to rent a SUV type of vehicle if you plan to drive in remote areas where the roads are dirt and gravel and have a lot of potholes.

You need to have your passport and your drivers license from your home country with you while driving.

Observe all speed limits, esp going thru small towns.  The police are usually sitting in these areas and traffic tickets are EXPENSIVE.  Do not pay a traffic cop for the ticket.  Take it back to the car rental agency and they will help you get it paid.

In case of accident dial 911  and a police will arrive.  Also call your rental car agency. Do not move the vehicle.

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