Medicare Insurance will Not Cover in Costa Rica

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Cema Hospital, Costa Rica

Cima Hospital, one of Costa Rica’s Private Hospitals

Medicare Insurance will Not Cover in Costa Rica

If you are traveling in Costa Rica and need go use your Medicare insurance to pay for medical care, will it cover?  No, Medicare’s coverage does not extend  abroad.  Coverage is provided only in the US.   Only option is to purchase an international insurance plan or  a travel insurance  policy that covers medical care in Costa Rica.  Or simply pay in cash for your medical care, which is much less expensive than in the US.

There are very good private hospitals in the capital city of San Jose.    Cima hospital  is located in Escazu, a San Jose suburb.   And Clinica Biblica hospital is located in downtown  San Jose.

Doctors in Costa Rica are very well trained and many speak English.

So why is it that the Costa Rican citizens seem quite healthy and live to a ripe old age?  Is is because they are  covered with basic health care provided by the socialized health care system run by the government?  Perhaps this is part of it, but Costa Ricans live a very different life style than we do in the US.  First, they don’t create so much stress in their daily life.  They live more simply  with  less materialism.  The family unit is strong, sticking together and helping  each other.

The Costa Rican government offers their citizens  a socialized health care system which is not free.  Each citizen of Costa Rica pays into the system according to their income levels. Usually there are lines and wait  lists for some medical procedures.

Also,  the choice is available to buy private health care insurance by  the Costa Rican citizens.  Which of course costs more than the socialized health care plans.